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After five years of development, HAND COMBAT co-founders John & Deb were ready to launch their bespoke skincare brand YULANI in early 2020. Then, as COVID-19 struck, dance floors were replaced with distancing and family time with face time. The world had abruptly changed, and they were forced to press pause.

“It was heart breaking,” confesses Deb. “John had spent years in his purpose built lab developing and testing formulas" and was set to combine his research and passion for natural skincare with Deb’s rich experience creating beautiful, meaningful brands.

With a fully functioning and sterile lab plus an array of ingredients and packaging on hand, the duo quickly redirected their focus. Their pivot led to the birth of HAND COMBAT – an ultra-hydrating Hand Sanitiser that not only sanitised the hands but had an unmatched ability to protect and nourish the skin.

Using the highest quality natural ingredients, HAND COMBAT remains true to the core values YULANI was built on: the belief that humans share an incredible biocompatibility with the plant world, a passion for circular consumption and a precise approach to product formulation and development. The sanitiser was a success, and HAND COMBAT has grown to include a range of hand balms, hand washes and men’s grooming – with new products constantly in development­.



John & Deb are also incredibly passionate about sustainable practices. This starts with formulating, bottling and packaging out of one location in Australia to reduce each product’s eco footprint. HAND COMBAT also says a big NO to animal cruelty, testing their products on family and friends only!



HAND COMBAT’s Melbourne lab is nestled in Collingwood’s Foy & Gibson precinct, a hub famous for celebrating upstarts and self-made entrepreneurs forging their own paths. “We love doing business in this part of Melbourne” says John. “It challenges our senses and inspires us to think, talk & learn.”

Our mission is to create products responsibly that are good for people and our planet. We’re committed to a considered, conscious approach, and recognise our journey is not finite — our products and processes will evolve and improve as we seek to meet the need of our customer.

Feedback is valuable to us, so if you have something you’d like to share about HAND COMBAT, we’d love to hear from you.