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We cherish the earth and are passionate about circular consumption and reducing our environmental footprint by maintaining sustainable practices.


At HAND COMBAT we largely use PET bottles, but rest assured, this is a considered decision based on research.

PET has been documented as the most environmentally friendly packaging option. A Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) conducted by the Allied Development Corporation investigated the environmental footprint and greenhouse gas emissions generated from manufacturing and transporting PET in relation to other forms of packaging. They discovered when it comes to greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption, PET is the most favourable alternative when compared to aluminium and glass.

We’ve made every effort to select packaging suppliers who focus on reducing the amount of material that goes into their bottles — some now using nearly 40% less plastic than that used a few years ago.

Our lightweight PET bottles require fewer raw materials to produce, less fuel for transport and are still completely recyclable. PET is the only plastic that can be used over and over again in the same form and HAND COMBAT remain attuned to this. Yet our packaging journey has only begun, as we are constantly monitoring innovations and challenging the way we do things, from core materials to end-of-use impacts.  Ingredients are readily biodegradable and non toxic to waterways.


We work hard to ensure each HAND COMBAT product has as small an environmental footprint as possible. From researching and formulating through to bottling and fulfilment, the cycle starts and finishes in our lab and HQ in Collingwood.


Often plastic is accused of being the bad boy, but it's not plastic that's the problem — it's the way we use it.  Prolonging the life cycle of our bottles is something we work with our community on every single day. 

When it comes to our sanitiser we encourage our customers to purchase from our suite of earth friendly refills to reduce waste. Our earth friendly refills, start at 1 litre, allowing customers to reduce waste whilst saving money.  We also offer refill stations to cafes.


Whilst we're largely an online operation we offer kerbside pick up from our lab in Collingwood, meaning customers can skip the additional packaging required when shipping, as well as shipping costs.


The Troops at HAND COMBAT regularly head out on their bicycles to deliver to our customers in Melbourne's inner North. Cycling is an amazing form of exercise and is the ultimate eco-friendly transportation option.